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"I will conquer it all with the power of my MIND!"

Wilson is the default and main character of Don't Starve. He is the first character you can play as, requiring no experience to unlock. He is the only character that can grow a beard, which makes him the only one that can create the meat effigy. His beard is shaven with a razor and the length of the beard determines how many hairs will be given. Even though he claims to be a man of science, his character has no effect on research.
Health: 150 (max may be changed by meat effigy influence)
Food: 150
Sanity: 200
Special Perk(s): Grows a magnificent beard
Beard Growth Stages/Yield:
Stubble: 4 days (1 hair)
Bearded: 11 days (3 hairs)
Elderly: 16 days (9 hairs)

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