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Willow burning a tree at night.

Willow is the first character unlocked by the player, and she is unlocked at Level 1. Willow is a psychotic pyromaniac, and a large amount of her dialog revolves around setting things on fire. She is immune to fire and if in complete darkness for roughly 5 seconds(or just before you hear the grue coming to kill you) she will light a small fire lasting just long enough to ward of the grue or set a tree on fire, as depicted in the picture to the right.  Use caution when traveling after dark, as she can easily start a huge fire that will spread.

Because she is a girl, she cannot grow a beard, therefore she can only create a meat effigy by collecting it from beardlings while sanity is low. She is practically immune to the grue because of her ability to create fire in the darkness. Aside from growing a beard she can do everything Wilson can do.

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