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Small Spider nest

A small spider nest.

A Spider Nest is a sort of enemy building. There are 3 progressions of nests, the small one (pictured), the medium one, and the large one.  After a number of days, a small nest will grow into a medium, and a medium into a large.  The large nest can spawn a Spider Queen.  Each size simply has an added layer of a silk ball and houses more spiders. When struck the Spider Nest will release Spiders.  Walking on the web covered ground surrounding the nest will also release spiders which will give chase for a very short distance. The small nest stores 4 spiders, the medium stores 7, the large stores 9-12 (needs testing). When lit on fire, ALL Spiders will run out in the open and cower before the blaze, some or all will instead attack the player. Depending on the size the Spider Nest, it will drop 2-5 silk and a large nest will also drop spider eggs. If burnt the Spider Nest will drop nothing and now you have an angry mob of Spiders after you. Spider Nests have been known in rocky areas to be in groups of 6-9 at a time! These "Spider Dens" as some call them, will also have some gold nuggets strewn about their area, it goes without saying that you probably shouldn't set up camp near one unless you have a death wish. At dusk the Spider Nest will release all of its Spiders to go hunting.

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