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Average spider.

A Spider is considered the most common hostile mob. They are aggressive and will emerge from a Spider Nest at dusk or if the Spider Nest is attacked or has caught on fire.  With the latest update, they also emerge when the web covered ground surrounding the nest is walked on.  They will chase the player and are mostly only dangerous in large groups of 5 or more. Hitting them will stop their attack animation so in smaller groups a fast player could essentially play whack a spider and not be harmed. Getting hit by a spider will stun you for very short time and take a small amount of health. Spiders will eat dropped meat , including monster meat, if they aren't attacking something. When a spider comes out of a Spider Nest or before they chase a player they will let out a battle scream, and attack the player. They take about 3-4 hits with an Axe and 2 hits from a Spear. When killed they will drop either 1 monster meat (50%), 1 silk (25%)  or a Spider Gland (25%).

Upon destroying a Spider Nest, the spiders will wander around and attack the player, or sleep if it's day time.
2013-01-13 00001

Spider asleep during day

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