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[[File:willow. png|thumb|One of the game's mysterious characters, Maxwell]] Maxwell is a character who appears at the beginning of a game, saying that you should "Get something to eat before night comes."

After the very beginning of a game, Maxwell disappears in a cloud of smoke never to be seen again... at least until the next time you start a new game. Nothing else is known about this character. Leaving the player to decide who or what he is, and what relation to the character he has.

In the Don't Starve: Forbidden knowledge video , Maxwell communicates with Wilson through a radio and offers him 'forbidden knowledge.'  Maxwell encouraged Wilson to build a machine that eventually led him to end up in the world Don't Starve takes place in.

If you Save and Quit immediatly after starting a new game then re enter the same game Maxwell will appear like normal but will not disapper. After clicking "Examine Maxwell" each character says something different:

Wilson - "I hate that guy."

Willow - "He's so condescending"

Wendy - "I feel a strange kinship with him."

Wolfgang - "A fancy suit is no match for my muscles!"


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