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6 Meat, 3 Beefalo Wool, Beefalo Horn (25%), Manure

Damage Dealt



Savannah Biome



A Beefalo is a Neutral Mob. As of the 'Spoiled Rotten' update, Beefalo will go into heat every 10 days. The heat period lasts for 5 days, and when in heat Beefalo will have reddish marks on their backs. When in heat, Beefalo will attack the player unless they are wearing a Beefalo Hat, crafted from 16 Beefalo Wool. Beefalo Wool is collected by shaving the Beefalo with a Razor. This is done by clicking on a Beefalo while it is asleep, either at Night, from a Pan Flute or from a Sleep Dart. The Beefalo will regrow their Wool in 3-4 days which makes Beefalo Wool a renewable resource. Beefalo deal 33.33 damage when aggressive, and drop 6 Meat and 3 Beefalo Wool when killed, they also have a 25% chance of dropping a Beefalo Horn. They will also drop Manure periodically. Herds regenerate off-screen and thus cannot be wiped out.


Using a Beefalo Horn, (dropped on death) Beefalo can be moved around easily. After playing the Horn, Beefalo will enter a trance-like state and follow the player. Each use takes 10% durability, and they will drop (on average) every 4 Beefalo killed.

Mating SeasonEdit

The Mating Season or Heat, is a cycle that Beefalo run through. It lasts 5 days, and Beefalo will behave differently, by standing on their hind legs and waving their tails. They will make noises similar to their dying noises, and have a reddish mark on their behinds. The Beefalo are during this period, aggressive to every mob, including the player. Beefalo can still be shaved during Mating Season, but it will wake them up, and they will attack the player. Often, other Beefalo in the area will wake up too, making shaving the Beefalo during this time, at night quite dangerous. Beefalo won't attack the player if they are wearing a Beefalo Hat, but will still attack followers, such as Smallbirds, Smallish Tallbirds, Pigs, Chester and Spiders (being controlled by Spiderhat)


Beefalo Wool is a good renewable fuel.

When attacked by Hounds, lead them to a Beefalo Herd, the herd should easily kill off the Hounds, and it may also produce some Meat (if the Hounds kill a Beefalo).

Making a base in a Savannah Biome near a Beefalo Herd is good for farming, as there is always about 3-and-a-half stacks of Manure available. It is also good for Hound Attacks, and keeping the Fire going.

During the Mating Season, the player can stand near a Beefalo Herd wearing a Feather Hat. Birds will not run from the Beefalo, but the Beefalo will attack them, and kill them in one hit, thus leaving Feathers and Morsels, which the Beefalo do not eat.

Beefalo and Bee Boxes are not a good combination due to the Mating season. Alternatively, this could be seen as an easy way to get Stingers and occasionally Honey.

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